Conference registration

Your own registration website for medical and other conferences for abstracts, online payment systems and personalised day programmes.

What we do

What we do

When it comes to organising a conference, we at Activo know better than anyone how much work is involved.
Activo provides the following conference services:

  • Conference website

  • Abstracts

  • Online payments

  • Entry control

Conference website

The conference website is designed in the same style as the conference. Activo spends a lot of effort on the look and feel of the registration process. This helps increase the number of people who actually register.

The conference registration can include the following:

  • Online review of abstracts
  • A personalised invitation process
  • Possibility of limiting the capacity of workshops
  • An online payment system
  • Sending e-tickets and invoices

Add and review abstracts online

Activo has developed an abstracts module for conference participants that makes it easy to add abstracts. These abstracts can then be assessed online.

Enter author data

Enter author data

Users simply log in or create an account in the abstracts module, then go through the entire process of the module with the help of an efficient dashboard. First, the author’s details are entered and saved, resulting in a complete profile.

Getting the author to fill in a profile means that all the information required for reviewing the abstract, drawing up the programme and communicating with the author is complete before an abstract is submitted.

Once the profile is complete, the author can start submitting abstracts.

Submit an abstract

Submit an abstract

In the first step, the author provides all the basic details about the abstract, such as the title, explanatory notes and presentation preference. Supplementary information, such as images and documents, can be uploaded in a separate step.

When an abstract is added, additional authors or co-authors can be cited. It’s easy to determine the order in which additional authors or co-authors are displayed.

If an abstract has already been submitted, previously entered details of authors or co-authors are available and can be linked to the abstract.

Reviewing an abstract

Reviewing an abstract

Those authorised to review the abstracts receive an invitation with which they can create an account, log in and start reviewing the abstracts submitted.

All abstracts submitted can be read by the reviewers. After an abstract is reviewed it is marked with a green icon as ‘reviewed’, to ensure that all abstracts are reviewed.

The results of the reviews can be seen per abstract in the Content Management System. A complete overview with all data, including the average score given to an abstract, can be exported as an Excel file.

Additional conference services

Online payments

  • Link an online payment system to the conference website
  • Participants receive a personalised e-ticket and invoice in PDF format
  • The payment system allows payment by iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and bank transfers

Entry control

  • Participants show the e-ticket with barcode or QR code at the entrance of the conference
  • Have they forgotten to bring the e-ticket? No problem! The data of the participants can be looked up in the Reception Registration system
  • Issue of badges and lanyards to the conference participants

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with your conference, please do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote

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